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Rubbish Collection London

No. 1 Junk Street offers nothing short of the very best when it comes to rubbish removal in East London. Whether you’re in need of house waste collection, commercial rubbish removal, or construction site clearing, you can count on us to carry out all the heavy duty. Expect the best quality of service, both when it comes to the task itself, as well as the treatment you’ll receive as our valued customer.

We offer a variety of waste collection services, including house clearance, demolition waste, office clearance, garage clearance, commercial removals, and more! We can handle the vast majority of your rubbish, including:

  • General Rubbish
  • Appliances
  • Construction Waste
  • Fridges and Other Home Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • And many more, as long as they fit into a skip!

Whatever you need to dispose of, you can count on us to handle it in the quickest, most reliable manner possible. We also do our very best that all of our services are conducted in the most eco-friendly manner possible, and so we make sure that everything that can be recycled undergoes that process. Nothing goes to waste with our excellent service.

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Skip Hire London

No.1 Junk Street boast years of experience in hiring skips for domestic and business use throughout London. We are delighted to help in the removal of all kinds of materials for you, whether a small household removal or larger construction site clearance – we’re happy to help.

Some areas that we cover in London

We Offer 8-yard 12-yard and 14-yard Skips

Whether you need to deal with domestic waste or commercial waste simple, we offer skips that can accommodate your waste disposal requirements. We specifically offer 8-yard skips, the likes of which work wonders from household waste & garden waste, as well as 12-yard or 14-yard skips, perfect for those looking for builders skips & for dealing with commercial waste.

8 Yards Skip

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8 Yard Skips

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12 Yard Skips

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12 Yard Skips

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14 Yards Skip

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14 Yard Skip

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Van Hire in London

Van Hire Minimum

£ 80 (Minimum Load - 1 yard)

  • £ 80 (Minimum Load - 1 yard)
  • Van Hire

    £ 110 (1/4 Load - 4 yard)

  • £ 110 (1/4 Load - 4 yard)
  • Van Hire 1/3

    £ 140 (1/3 Load - 5.5 yard)

  • £ 140 (1/3 Load - 5.5 yard)
  • Van Hire Half Load

    £ 190 (Half Load - 8 yard)

  • £ 190 (Half Load - 8 yard)
  • Van Hire 2/3

    £ 250 (2/3 Load - 10.5 yard)

  • £ 250 (2/3 Load - 10.5 yard)
  • Van Hire

    £ 270 (3/4 Load - 12 yard)

  • £ 270 (3/4 Load - 12 yard)
  • Van Hire Full Load

    £ 320 (Full load - 16 yard)

  • £ 320 (Full load - 16 yard)
    • Our Mission

      No other company in London can boast the experience and competence that we have. We make a great effort to ensure that our site clearance services are not only provided to you in an efficient manner, but we also make sure that every part of our job is 100% eco-friendly.

      Our Cients

      Over the years, No1JunkStreet have managed to gain a very positive reputation thanks to the quality service all of our clients receive, no matter how small or large the task. Take a look at all the testimonials our clients left for us and see for yourself that our services are as solid as can be.

      Rubbish Removal & Waste Collection in East London - Dagenham, Barking

      No1 Junk Street is a company with many years of experience in various areas of waste management, and that includes construction sites clearance. We can make sure that your lot, no matter how small or big is a clean canvas that you can readily build on for the best price on the market.

      Making sure that everything is conducted in a safe and reliable manner, we will remove all of the waste that may have piled up on your lot and dispose of them at one of our yards, so that you can focus on what really matters – making sure that your construction site functions properly.

      As our employees are all extremely passionate about their work, you can count on them to always be friendly and helpful, answering all your questions and providing you with their advice and assistance whenever possible. You can expect to be treated with the proper respect, on top of receiving the service that you paid for. We can guarantee you won’t find a more reliable and dependable service in the entire city.

      Skip Hire

      Whether you’re planning for a big office move, need some household waste disposing of or require a large skip for a construction site, we are here to help you.

      Our Fantastic Fleet Is Here For You!

      Rubbish Collection Dagenham

      If you’re looking for a reliable rubbish collection service in Dagenham, No. 1 Junk Street is the specialist for you. Located in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the town lies east to the city of London and is a populous town within the Greater London area. It is a town that’s predominantly a residential area, with some industrial activity in some of its areas. It’s a working class area that is mostly ethnically homogenous.

      Rubbish Collection
      Rubbish Removal

      Rubbish Collection Barking

      No. 1 Junk Street offers some of the most reliable rubbish collection services in various parts of London, including Barking. The area is a suburban town located in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. It’s a bustling town with a very ethnically diverse population, all of whom enjoy a high living standard and access to a very rich and modern infrastructure. The town centre holds a large commercial district that is one of the most important aspects of the town itself.

      Rubbish Removal


      We care about and respect the environment and we will always attempt to reuse or recycle where possible, proven by our amazing recycling rates in rubbish clearance.

      Whether you have old electrical items, furniture, play equipment or an entire shed to get rid of during rubbish clearance, we will work closely with recycling centres to ensure as much of the waste we collect is recycled as possible. It’s amazing what can be reused and we will try to redirect as much waste as we can away from landfill sites.

      There are times when you might need your rubbish or bulky junk collected as quickly as possible with rubbish clearance – for example, if you have friends or family coming to stay unexpectedly and need to free up space quickly.

      Our ability to offer a same-day rubbish clearance will depend on the specifics of the area in which you live, the time of day and more. Simply contact our helpful team today for further information on rubbish clearance and whether our services will be available within the same day.

      One of the best aspects about rubbish clearance is that we save you time, money and effort. You could hire a skip or take your rubbish to the tip in your own vehicle, but do you really want to give up valuable space outside your home, face the hassle of arranging a skip permit or risk others using your skip for their own rubbish? Also, do you want to risk damaging your own vehicle by cramming it full of mess and debris when clearing yourself?

      Our rubbish clearance is on hand to take care of everything for you. We can either remove waste and bulky junk from inside your home or you can leave your waste outside your property for us to collect at a convenient time. With our rubbish clearance, there are no permits to arrange, no risk to your own property and you can arrange your waste removal at a time to suit you.

      We understand that large and bulky play equipment, furniture and garden sheds can take time to take apart and dispose of. Our rubbish clearance teams can often help to prepare items ready for taking away, saving you the time and hassle of doing this yourself. 

      For example, we can completely dismantle and remove your old garden shed leaving you with a clean and clear space. We can also take apart play equipment, bunk beds, cabinets and many more items, all while taking great care of your property and ensuring we tidy up after ourselves, as part of our rubbish clearance service. Items and dismantling may vary, be sure to contact our team to find out more about our rubbish clearance.

      Professional, Uniformed Personnel
      Timely Response Guarantee
      Clean, Branded Vehicles