10 fun facts about skips you need to know!


We have an abundance of fun facts and knowledge about skips. Get to know about your skip before utilising our skip hire service to get the whole family laughing!

1. Why is a skip called a skip?

The word ‘skip’ originates from the Old Norse Skeppa basket. The old skeppa basket got abbreviated to ‘skep’ which was then used and formed as the name for the modern-day skip hire basket, the ‘skip’. 

2. Why are skips yellow?

In the 1970s, the highway act enforced additional regulations regarding skip hire while they became more common and were placed on roads. They enforced that skips should be yellow as this colour can be seen in the dark most easily. Although this rule once was in play, skips can now be any colour as long as it is well lit and there is adequate signage.

3. Weird and wonderful items found in skips

Did you know that there have been living things found in skips!? Both animals and people have been known to live in them – even if it is extremely dangerous! Homeless people seek shelter in the skips, and some of the strange items that have been found in skips have ranged from coffins to a world war 2 artillery shell! 

To note- when ordering skip hire, you should regularly check your skip in case you find any lost beings! Not only this, but you might find that other people are illegally using your skip.

4. Why is skip hire classed as more environmentally friendly than the tip?

Materials disposed of in skips can be recycled and even upcycled to be turned into other useful materials. This can range from old wood being turned into wood chips or green waste turned into biogas!

5. Skip hire started in just one size!

Now there is a range of different sizes including a mini skip, midi skip, builders skip, mega skip and commercial waste skip!

6. When was the skip introduced in England?

Skips were introduced in the 1920s, used in the mining industry and pulled away by large lorries. Before this, horse carts were used to remove any waste, but this simply wasn’t strong enough to pull heavy waste over long distances. During the 1960s, the modern skip was introduced from Germany, which was a great advantage to the interior designers upgrading their homes.

7. Skip prices

Skip hire used to be much cheaper back in the 60’s- just £5! That was also considered a high price for a skip too. Skip prices have increased over the years due to inflation amongst other reasons.

8. How much waste do we produce each year?

The UK produces around 200 million tonnes of waste per year which is due to population increases. It’s understandable that the amount of waste will increase, but we all need to be mindful of where we are putting our waste. 

At No 1 Junk Street, we aim to recycle all that we can to minimise our footprint on the environment.

9. What restrictions are there on placing a skip?

If you plan to place your skip on the road, you will need a permit from your local council, otherwise, the skip hire company could be fined up to £1000. There will also need to be lights and signage on the skips if placed on the road or pavement.

10. Why does skip hire exist?

Convenience and costs! It’s super convenient to be able to throw away your old items in a skip and it’s economical as you’re not wasting petrol doing multiple trips back and forth from the tip. It’s also better for the environment than most other waste removal options.

If you want to hire a skip in and around the London area, get in touch with us here at No1 Junk Street.

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