If there’s one thing that can become painfully apparent during the run-up to Christmas, it’s the amount of clutter many of us have in our homes and gardens.

Trying to get the house – and the spare bedroom – ready for guests can feel more like a crash course in waste management than a fun time putting up fairy lights and tinsel.

As we move into the New Year, why not make it a priority to book a house clearance, garden clearance or your own skip hire so you can dispose of unwanted items yourself?

No.1 Junk Street make it easy with convenient skip hire in London and professional rubbish removal if you just want us to take your waste away without leaving a skip.

House clearance and clutter removal

First of all, don’t worry – house clearance doesn’t have to mean everything that’s in the property! It could be as simple as a single unwanted bulky item, such as an old piece of furniture.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a spare room or office that looks more like a hoarder’s worst nightmare, we can quickly and efficiently remove large quantities of unwanted rubbish, stacks of old papers, broken appliances and so on.

We’re happy to answer any questions about items we can and can’t collect, and we can clear your home, garage, garden or office – just get in touch if you need any help with any quantity of waste.

Do I need a skip?

In most cases, our house, garden and garage clearance teams can take your waste away without needing to leave a skip on your property, but we understand that you might prefer to sort through your waste yourself and decide what to keep.

Sometimes it’s good to have a skip at your disposal, so that as you work through each room, you can see the amount of rubbish decreasing in your home, and increasing in your skip.

Whatever your reason for wanting one, our London skip hire aims to be as stress-free as possible, and crucially for the dark winter nights, our skips meet all the requirements for overnight visibility when placed on a public road.

How we can help

So let’s recap on how No.1 Junk Street can help you achieve your New Year Resolution to clear the clutter from your home:

Waste disposal is our business, and we know that a mountain of clutter in your home can start to feel overwhelming, especially just after Christmas with all the disruption and packaging waste that can bring.

That’s why we want to help you make a happier start to 2023, with no need to feel overwhelmed or embarrassed about your hoard of waste materials – it’s just rubbish, at the end of the day.

Give us a call today and together let’s clear out all of your unwanted junk for recycling and responsible disposal, giving you the breathing space you deserve for the coming 12 months.

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