How to fill a skip


There are always better ways to fill a skip rather than just throwing in the rubbish and hoping for the best! In this blog we will teach you how to fill your skip, save space and save money- just don’t ‘skip’ any of our steps.

Before ordering your skip

Think about how much you need to dispose of and what you need to dispose of– Knowing what you need to get rid of allows you to order the right size skip. In addition, it will allow you to plan what to dismantle first so that you can fill your skip in the right order. 

Research what’s available– Deciding what size skip to get can be tricky, but we’ve made a blog to help you decide. This will help to give you an estimate of what projects would suit your needs. It also explains how many bin bags equate to what size skip you will need! Click here to read. 

Skip placement– Make sure that your skip is in an accessible location so that the lorry can access and pick up the skip easily. If you need to place your skip on the road a permit will be needed from your local council. Think about how to fill your skip so that you find the right placement so you don’t spend too long carrying heavy items to and from the skip. 
Order your skip– You can call up and get an online quote. We are usually available to provide a skip as soon as 1 working day to meet your needs.

How to fill a skip- When you have your skip

Flat items go first– Items like doors and plasterboard should be at the top of your list to be placed flat against the bottom of the skip first. Items like glass should be carefully carried into the skip and placed against the wall of the skip to prevent the glass from breaking. 

Heavy items next!– Heavy items such as brick, concrete or breeze blocks should be placed flat against the bottom of the skip to appear like flooring! 

Before we go any further… avoid all gaps possible!– Gaps will help you to stay as cost-efficient as possible. At the end of the day, if you have gaps in your skip you may have rubbish left and need to order a new skip! 

Get some extra help from a wheelbarrow!– This can be much easier for you than carrying heavy items around.

Garden waste– Don’t forget that you can put garden waste in a skip! Garden waste can be turned into and used as biogas- so it’s really no hassle at all. If you have any hedge trimmings, grass or soil, put it in the skip if you have any space left. 
Make sure you start straight away!– You can only have a skip for 14 days so make sure you start sooner rather than later. If you aim to be finished by the 13th day, it means we can pick up the skip quickly and easily ready for collection on the 14th day.

We hope you enjoyed our blog ‘how to fill a skip’. If you’re looking for skip hire in or around the London area, get in touch with us at No. 1 Junk Street today!

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