No 1 Junk Street offers a range of skips and a variety of waste management services for all of Greater London, serving as a reliable skip hire company in Leyton and beyond. We’ve accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience at No 1 Junk Street, amassing an entire fleet of rubbish removal specialists and even creating a fully licensed waste transfer station & tipping yard, so we’re confident that we can provide Leyton with waste disposal solutions.

Whether you need to take the hassle out of domestic waste disposal or you’re seeking trustworthy rubbish removal services for commercial waste, No 1 Junk Street has you covered. Our waste management services in Leyton cover a wide variety of different garbage removal requirements, ranging from large jobs like building site clearances and handling demolition waste to providing smaller waste disposal services such as garage clearances and even weekly & monthly collections.

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Waste Management

Waste Management Services in Leyton

No 1 Junk Street provides waste management services in Leyton that are handled professionally, courteously and efficiently, including such useful services as:

House Clearance

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, whenever you are in need of house clearance services, we can help you by providing the best possible service.

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Garage Clearance

Whether you have a garage full of junk and clutter or need a hand with a huge hoard of items, call our team to see how we can help.

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Office Clearance

Perhaps your office space requires a bulk chair removal or general de-clutter, either way, our dedicated team can assist you.

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Building Waste

We at No.1 Junk Street have been removing building waste in London for almost a decade. Choose us for your waste removal and rubbish clearance services.

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Daily & Weekly Collections

Council collections aren’t always sufficient enough for some peoples rubbish removal needs. See how our extra collection services could help.

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Demolition Waste

The demolition industry is one of the biggest producers of waste, which is why our professionals are ready to remove your unwanted rubble.

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Site Clearance

No matter where you’re based in the capital or how specific your requirements are, contact us today for site clearance services throughout London.

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Our many commercial waste and domestic waste services are available to members of the public and private sectors alike, though we do have a particular rubbish disposal service  available for those seeking a tipping yard in Leyton. Based in Dagenham, our fully licensed waste transfer & tipping yard serves not only as a brilliant alternative to those struggling to find tipping yards in Leyton but for those seeking a means of responsibly disposing of waste, thanks in no small part to our fully operational waste transfer station.

Whether you want to get in touch directly or simply want to make things easy by sending a photo of the waste you need disposing of, you’re welcome to reach out to us for your free quote. No 1 Junk Street always aims to take the hassle out of any rubbish removal needs, to get in touch with us today for your free quote, along with plenty of help and advice!

Waste Management Leyton

Are you looking for Waste Management Leyton?

At No 1 Junk Street, we provide an incredible market-leading service for Waste Management Leyton. We can provide your company with a variety of different containers which can suit your needs, covering both waste storage and collection opportunities. These options can be anything from bags to skips, suited to the needs of your business.


We believe that both from an environmental and a business perspective, it is incredibly important to get your Waste Management Leyton completed correctly by industry specialists. Whether you are a small or large business owner, we are able to help you meet your Waste Management responsibilities that little bit easier.

Do No1 Junk Street Cover All Sectors Of Waste Management?

At No 1 Junk Street, we understand how important it is to have an effective waste management system in place for your business. Whether it’s paper, plastic, metals or general waste, our waste management Leyton ensures optimal storage, collection and disposal, so contact our specialists today.

What Does Waste Management Leyton Involve?

Waste Management includes the storage of commercial waste, as well as the collection and disposal of said waste. This could fall into any sector that has a commercial element, meaning whether you are a start-up business operating out of your own home, or a large established corporation, you will be producing waste that is required to be disposed of correctly by law.

Due to the regulations involved with correct waste disposal, our Waste Management Barking is the perfect choice for easy and efficient storage and depositing. The collection involved in our Waste Management Barking may include the following types of waste:


  • Biodegradable waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Chemical waste
  • Electronic and electrical waste
  • Construction waste
  • Food leftovers from restaurants or other food establishments

What Items Can Not Be Taken By Waste Management Leyton?

The following hazardous household waste items should not be treated as everyday garbage and should not be disposed of curbside, in your garden, bins or carts:


  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Paint and paint cans
  • Used motor oil and filters
  • Prescription medications

Be sure to contact our Waste Management Leyton team for further information on items that may concern you. We can provide further details on the types of waste that may not be accepted as Waste Management Leyton, but could fit into another category, suited to our range of services.